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Do you have back pain after sitting or standing for long periods of time?

Then this back stretch might be for you.

Because of our daily lives, posture can suffer without us even knowing it.

Then you start having back pain on and off.

The three positions of this modified Cobra stretch will help you slowly loosen your back to relieve pain.

Position 1: lie flat on your stomach with your forehead on the back of your hands.

Position 2: raise your head and upper back, So the weight is on your forearms.

Position 3: fully raise your head and back into extension and lock out your elbows to put all the weight on your palms.

Hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute. Then continue through positions 1,2 then 3 if you experience no back pain.

Then it is usually recommended to ice afterwards depending on your chiropractor’s advice.

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