Hip Mobility Stretch for Back Pain Relief. Euclid Chiropractic

This exercise helps you stretch the muscles below your Low back to help overall muscle strength and flexibility.

When lying down you’re able to relax your muscles more to get more of a stretch and be more effective for blood flow and circulation in repair.

Lye on your back, and let’s go right to three steps.

  1. Bring your left leg straight up toward your body, and hold it with one or two hands.

  2. Then bring that leg crossed the body can hold it with the opposite arm of that leg.

  3. Then bring that same leg outside of your body holding it with the same arm as leg.

Switch sides and repeat. Hold each position for starting at 30 seconds, then build up to a minute.

With any stretch tightness is OK, but avoid pain. Then ice afterwards your lower back to make sure there’s no soreness or pain later.

Progress two other exercises for the lower back when pain in your back is gone in legs feel loose.

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