X-ray Analysis to Fix her Neck, Pain Relief -Sarah. By Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Amy was upset, and frustrated.

Her daughter Sarah was going through her medical doctor, then foot doctor and physical therapy.

And still her legs, back and feet hurt for months. No results.

Being in junior high school is tough enough on a child’s self-esteem and confidence without having pain to make it worse.

Amy brought her daughter to our office for  a second opinion, after we explained we might approach Sarah’s problem from a different perspective.

The exam and x-ray analysis showed Sarah’s pain maybe coming from her overall posture and abnormal spine.

Here is a normal neck spine:

A normal curve, normal spacing between the vertebrae, and normal first bone angling about 25 degree to horizontal.  This allows the spine to bend and flex without causing pain, and keeps the body in good posture⤵

In Sarah‘s first x-ray, you can see how her neck is straighter than normal. This wants to lock the neck in the forward head posture and keep the body hunched forward⤵

This alarmed Sarah‘s parents, so we started a regiment of treatment: chiropractic adjustments, stretches and strength exercises.

After about 2 1/2 months of treatment, here is Sarah’s new x-ray

This xray is more curved, and the head is sitting more over the shoulders.  This straightens the back to promote better posture.

And now Sarah can run without feet, knee or back pain. And maintaining the exercises keeps her body strong and healthy.

In the end, the before and after x-rays objectively shows that Sarah has improved and can stay this way.

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