The Popping/Cracking Sound with an Adjustment?


Chiropractic Adjustment

The “How” of Chiropractic

The science and art of chiropractic – the How – (such as the specific adjusting techniques) were developed, and are used, in accordance with the philosophy – the Why.

THE ADJUSTMENT of the neck and back, when appropriate, moves the space between the bones of the spine.  This releases gaseous pressure in the joint space causing the popping sound.  Similar to when someone pops their knuckles.

At Euclid Chiropractic,  the adjustment is the end result of an extensive examination, x-rays (when appropriate), and consultation with all patients.

This allows complete safety with any treatment rendered and eliminates fears about Chiropractic care.

Through the adjustment, Chiropractic care removes the interference blocking the nervous system.  Then the body can fully expressing health.

By understanding a Chiropractic adjustment

and experiencing Chiropractic care,

people have been able to reach their optimal health.


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