Vicky’s X-ray/Spine/Posture Analysis after suffering Neuropathy

Vicky approach Euclid Chiropractic after being treated for ear pain/vertigo with various medical treatments.  Vicky’s next procedure was to puncture her ear drum.  Pretty aggressive treatment after no results from medication or shots.

vicky48After taking her x-rays and posture exam, the doctors diagnosed the problem as neuropathy from her neck to the middle ear.

Because of the 48 mm Forward Head Posture, the straightening of the neck cause limited spinal joint motion, this degenerates the spinal disc (narrowing spaces between the vertebrae), leading to neuropathy (pinched nerves).


After months of care, was given consistent Chiropractic Adjustments and specific posture exercises.  Vicky’s ear pain and vertigo vanished.  Her posture improved and she felt less stressed now that Vicky felt motivated to continue exercising.

Structurally, the neck is further back by only 35mm Forward Head Posture, the spinal vertebra are more separated due to increased spinal motion.  This would heal the disc to stop neuropathy, ear pain/vertigo in Vicky’s case.

In every case of structural x-ray improvement by Chiropractic Adjustments with posture exercises has shown less symptoms and improved health to the patient.

Watch Vicky’s tell her story.

Every person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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