Scoliosis X-ray Analysis: Chiropractic’s Non-surgical Treatment

The x-ray analysis is required to help determine the chance of successful correction through chiropractic adjustments and exercise.  Here is a sketch of a common “S-shaped” scoliosis x-ray.  Left is before chiropractic treatment; right is the correction:

As you can see, the goal of treatment is return the spine to a straight position from the front to back view.

As mentioned in our previous scoliosis posts/videos, knowing the degree of scoliosis is helpful determining the benefit of any treatment.

This medical approach is a “wait and see” method until bracing is introduced at 25 degrees.  Bracing has been shown to be ineffective, then surgery is warranted after 40 degrees.

The chiropractic approach starts treatment beginning at 5 to 10 degrees, where this conditions can have no harmful effects in a child’s future health.  Chiropractic treatment has shown to be the most beneficial before 25 degrees, before bracing would occur.

The best way to have successful treatment is to have a child get checked at the first signs of scoliosis, not their age.

In this video we study Riley’s x-rays over a period of 6 years. Here is his first x-ray at 6 years old:

His s-shaped curve is 9 and 7 degrees.  Medically, at 6 years old, this would not be a concern because of his age and degree of scoliosis.  His mother understood this approach, and chose Chiropractic care to reduce the scoliosis as much as possible NOW, to keep Riley healthy.

With initial correction, then adjustment periodically here is Riley’s x-ray at 10 years old:

His 5 and degree curve has been maintained over a 4 year period.  Scoliosis progression through his growth so far has been reduced and maintained.

Now at 12 years old after a growth spurt, his mother was worried it may have progressed.  Here is his results while maintaining regular adjustments:

The degrees where 8 and 6.  More than his previous x-ray, and below the 10 degrees where there can be some concern.

From 6 years old to the present, Riley is continually checked for scoliosis by a chiropractor.   This will allow his to grow and live a healthy life without the worry of needing scoliosis surgery.

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