The Scoliosis Exam to Prevent Bracing, Surgery

This exam helps parents and their child see the differences in posture, leg length and feet position that causes the different degrees of scoliosis.

Here is the introduction to the scoliosis (part 1):

Scoliosis: Parents’ Treatment Options

Let’s walk through each one.

The front posture (head to feet analysis):

  1. The head is shifted toward the left shoulder.

  2. Shoulders not even.  Left is lower; right higher.

  3. Hand level is not even. Left lower; right higher.

  4. Feet not straight. both penguin toed out.

This child would usually not have any pain from this abnormal posture, and feel balanced.  The reason is the upper and legs favor the left side, the hips/lower body favors the right.

From the side, a person with possible scoliosis would have abnormal side posture evaluation:

  1. Forward head posture is present by having the head too far in front of the shoulders.

  2. The upper back to hunchback by being rounded.

  3. The sides of the shoulders are rolling forward.

  4. The weight of the body is on the fronts of the feet.

With posture is compensating for the scoliosis in the previous image by becoming rigid, tight to maintain center of gravity.

To check for hip rotation and/or a longer leg causing scoliosis, a Leg Length Inequality Test can be performed:

  1. Have the child lye flat on their stomach.

  2. If the child’s feet are even.  If not, possible scoliosis.

  3. Raise both feet to 90 degrees.  If now even then lower leg length difference.

If this test is uneven in step 3, then the hips can be compensating to show another sign of scoliosis.

Parents, use all three parts of the exam to check your child for early scoliosis and posture problems as they grow.  Then you can get your child checked by your local chiropractor when early signs occur.  This presents the bracing and surgery as a result of severe scoliosis.  YOU are their best chance of keeping your child healthy.

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