Feet Exam part of your Posture Evaluation

During a patient’s initial exam when they come into Euclid Chiropractic, the doctors check the person from their head to their feet; not just their spine.

When a person stands from the front view this is what to look for in a patient’s feet:

1. Do both feet point forward and are shoulder with apart (image below).  This is normal and will help maintain a good overall posture.


2. Do BOTH feet turn out (image below).  This would cause knee pressure/pain, back to stay in a forward posture.  Even cause a hunched back posture.


3. Does ONE foot turn out (image below).  This would cause your posture to shift. This would cause pressure/pain on one side of the knee/hip/back and twisting while the body tries to maintain center of gravity.


In treatment the patient consciously fixes their feet to stretch, walk, and exercise in the normal body and feet posture.  Overtime this should become the patient’s normal position.

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