Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: December 2016


Our mission at Euclid Chiropractic is to allow patients to make a personal, individual decision about their health.

Dr. Weaver and Dr. Ratkovic believe Chiropractic promotes the full expression of health through proper nutrition, routine exercise, and maintaining an healthy nervous system.

Here are the educational videos and testimonials covered in November 2016:

Spine Recovery after an Accident-Sam’s Case


Sam was in pain from a wreck 3 weeks later. Here is the explanation how the spine is injured in an accident, and the recovery process.  Watch Now

Modified Lung Exercise for Back Posture Strength


This modified lung exercise is helpful in creating back strength in the correct posture.  Go to our post of the detail steps of this exercise.  Watch Now.

Efrain’s Back Spinal Disc Recovery


Efrain has had a fused ankle to his leg for 5 years, causing him to compensate his daily movement to avoid falling.  This lead to a spinal disc herniation.   We performed an x-ray analysis, treatment, then a post x-ray.  Read More

Back Spine Disc Recovery-Efrain’s Case


Efrain’s spine injury and recovery is based on his x-ray improvement. This is the result of Chiropractic adjustments and exercises.  Efrain’s video and x-rays images in this post.  Watch Now

Modified Shoulder Press for Posture


This exercise will strength your shoulders and upper back to maintain perfect posture.  The post gives your the exercises to try BEFORE this shoulder press exercise and each step.  Go to Post

Here are less than a minute clips from our Workshops:

How Your Nerves Help You Survive @ In-office workshop Oct. 2016

How Spinal Motion Controls Health @Gibson Oct. 2016

Chiropractors are Educators, FIRST @Baldy View ROP

How We develop Poor Posture Slowly @ Gibson Oct. 2016

Herman’s Hilarious Reflex to Thumb Adjustment

How to have Pain WITHOUT an Injury @Gibson Oct. 2016


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