Mom’s story of her child’s scoliosis recovery

Watch Dylan’s mom tell why she chose Euclid Chiropractic for her young son’s scoliosis recovery.  J.J. had experienced chiropractic care at our office for her headaches and neck pain.  Her husband was also helped too.

After Dylan’s medical exam, J.J. was told he needed to see a medical specialist for scoliosis treatment.  Several of Dylan’s family members had scoliosis surgery (rods and screws put in their spine) with poor results.  J.J. did not want that for her son, so she chose Chiropractic firsts.

Dylan had chiropractic care, follow-up x-rays and infrequent care now.  4 years later Dylan’s scoliosis has been reduced to not require medical bracing or progressed to surgery.

Watch mom tell her story and find out why Chiropractic care was her FIRST choice.

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