Carrying On: Useful Tips for Building Confidence. By Jennifer McGregor

With so much disruption to our daily lives, many of us are in need of a confidence boost. Fortunately, despite all the stress and anxiety of the past few years, there are still plenty of steps that we can take towards reaching our goals and cultivating a more positive outlook – here are a few to consider.

Career Change

For those of us at a professional age, work is often amongst the major causes of stress. Luckily, remote working means that a career change is increasingly viable. Regardless of where you live, if you have access to online resources, it’s possible to learn new skills and switch lanes at an affordable cost. Many courses ease this transition by providing qualifications that are recognized within the industry. Upskilling isn’t only about building confidence but also creating a future for yourself in which you can work doing something you love.

Alternatively, you might decide that the right option is to form a business of your own. Again, remote working has made this option more viable as, with a strong internet connection, you can often plan, form, and run a business independently. The most important consideration here is finance – be sure to write an airtight business plan, bearing in mind any major expenses, insurance policies, software subscriptions, and other recurring costs. Funding is likely to come either from your own pocket or an investor – either way, it’s crucial that you have a clear overview to ensure the venture doesn’t result in overspending.

Bodily Health

For many of us, confidence comes from within, and that refers to what we eat too. It can be a huge boost to a person’s energy and attitude just to adopt a new diet. If you’re not an experienced cook, don’t worry – there are plenty of delicious, recommended recipes online that can help you to transform your eating habits. Remember to focus on fresh food and, if possible, reduce your red meat intake.

In addition to diet, many struggle with physical incapacities resulting from stress or bad posture. If you’re finding yourself uncomfortable and it’s starting to affect your mood, it might be a good idea to consult with an expert – Euclid Chiropractic can alleviate back pain and can often be found at affordable prices. Just make sure to check online reviews and testimonials before you commit to a decision.

Hobbies and Pastimes

One of the most effective ways to overcome low self-esteem is to take up a new hobby. Gaining proficiency in a skill is a great way to feel a sense of accomplishment, distract yourself from negativity, and regain control over your mood. This is especially true in artistic ventures, where you have full autonomy and no one to answer to but yourself – painting or illustration, for example, allow you to build a creative space of your own for just the price of a few tools.

Many hobbies and pastimes are not only fun but a great way to meet new people. There’s no easier way to form a bond than over a shared passion and, if you find you have time in the evenings, it could be worth taking a class or signing up for a team. This will be easier if you live in metropolitan areas, but you may find that there are activities that involve engagement with the natural world in rural areas too. These could include hiking, rafting, conservation volunteering, or even farming.

The important thing to remember about confidence is that, throughout a person’s life, it comes and goes. At this moment in time, it’s important to focus on yourself and make the changes to ensure that you’re enjoying life to the fullest – the rest will come after.

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