Why Carina is Healthy Again

Carina taped a video testimonial for us a few weeks back.  She spoke of coming into the office with back pain that was not going away and becoming more intense.  Carina is in her late 20’s, and had no injuries.  She could only say the cause was her work (standing/sitting in an office), and she stopped working out about 6 months ago.

Carina’s Video Testimonial/Review

In the exam, she realized her posture has become hunched over from sitting at work/driving and a lack of exercise.  This made Carina look like Sam:

head forward, rounded shoulder forward, hunched upper back, leaning forward.

Then we took Carina’s neck x-ray.  Compared to our normal x-ray that has a natural curve, 0-5mm forward head posture, and open disc spacing; Carina’s cervical spine was straight, 20mm forward head posture, and thin disc spacing between the vertebrae.

Normal Lateral Cervical Spine.  0mm Forward Head Posture.

Carina’s cervical spine with 20mm Forward Head Posture.

This cause the neuropathy ran from the neck to the upper and lower back.

Carina started the Chiropractic treatment.  This included adjustments (to correct her spine) and posture exercises (to retrain her muscles to hold a better spine).

After about 6 weeks of treatment Carina was feeling better and started back at the gym.  Here she was able to get her strength and confidence back to stay healthy on her own.  Then we retook her x-rays.  Here is Carina’s improvement:

If you compare to Carina’s first x-ray, you see her neck improved from 20 to 15mm Forward Head Posture.  This allows her posture to improve.  Now Carina can stay healthy with maintain her good posture now by keeping up her exercises.

With an x-ray analysis and the correct posture exercises you can stay healthy on your own.

Do you know if your spine is healthy? 

Each person is at a unique state of health.

Enjoy a Complimentary consultation from these specialists and recover from nerve, spine, and muscle pain.

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