CSP 063: Body & Mind Health with Xyngular. Guests Courtney and Andy on the Crooked Spine Show

Do you want feel better without medications? Get healthier, and do it from your home. Xyngular might be your answer. Their unique natural supplements will make you feel better in less than nine days.  And your new virtual friend, Zander, and personal coaching will keep you on track to help you stay healthy. Then you may want to help others experience Xyngular.

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Courtney – 626-384-1169


Andie – 909-718-9235




(1:30) How Xyngular is unique.

(2:30) Did Xyngular help Courtney?

(3:30) When to start and why.

(4:30) #1 way to start using Xyngular.

(5:45) Using this to stop abusing medications.

(8:10) What is the reboot.

(10:00) 100% committed. Courtney’s story.

(14:00) Helping others want to change.

(14:40) Andy’s cheat day experience.

(16:40) Why and how Andy committed.

(20:00) How the App (Zander) keeps you on track.

(22:30) What’s next after the first nine days. Xyngular benefits.

(49:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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