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Watch Adjustments of his Neck and Back. Christian’s Relief | Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Thank you for watching the famous Chiropractic adjustment with Christian.  This is his second adjustment, and still feeling the wow.

As a chiropractor, I am always excited to give patients the adjustment.  Patient’s laugh, cry, have a short moment of Turrets; even scream in their native language.

The second best is the reaction of other people watching the live adjustment; usually laughing, cover their mouth or mention a higher power.

These reactions are real.  I focus on the instant RESULT of the adjustment when I ask “How do you feel?”.  Patient response: pain relief, looser, relaxed, headache gone, feel straighter.

This is the purpose of the adjustment, short term.  But these good feelings usually don’t last.

Long term Chiropractic care and starting healthy habits can get a person flexible and strong.

Understand the relief that comes with adjustment through this Related Video/article:

What is the Popping/Cracking Sound during an Adjustment?

Discover how Chiropractic can help you (Video).

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Leg Strength for Posture Workshop @Gibson Feb. ’18 with Upland Claremont Chiropractor

Dr. Tony demonstrates the steps of setting your posture, stretching, and strengthening muscles of the lower body to help posture and balance.  We have added six detailed videos below to help explain each exercise demonstrated.  Learn these to minimize your risk of falling and back pain.

Highlights (podcast times):

Right way to adjust walker/crutches to help your posture/balance (1:45).

Your proper sitting checklist (detailed video) (4:45).

Set you balance, then posture improves (detailed video) (10:15).

Best driving posture (13:15).

Front hip stretch first, before strength (detailed video) (17:15).

Then build leg & knee strength with this (detailed video) (24:15).

This stretches the back of your leg/hamstrings (detailed video) (30:15).

Check your feet to help balance (detailed video) (39:25).

Review of each exercise (47:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up

When you can routine keep an exercise routine of these exercises, you can prevent back pain, falling and poor posture.  As preached above, always start with stretching before building strength to prevent injury.  Still need more guidance?  See your local chiropractor for an exam to get and stay healthy.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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Euclid Chiropractic Newsletter: May ’18 by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

In March, we are still getting the 90s and 50s degrees weather.  Enjoy Both!

Thank you for sharing these newsletter with friends & family, so they know their local chiropractor.

I. Here are the articles, testimonials, talks from March ’17 :

(Click image to play video, or the playlist to see specific YouTube category).

The Clips & YT Playlist

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Your Body Stressed by your Foods

Hair Reflects your Health with Lisa

Women’s Self Defense. Jessica’s Best Advice

Chiropractic Education & YT Playlist

First Adjustment Reaction. Stephen


 Does Improved Posture Make you Happier -by Frey Guerra

X-ray Analysis Before Low Back Treatment

April ’18 New Patient Workshop: How your Nerves Control Health

Health & Wellness Talk on the Celina Celeste Show

My Bloopers, Outtakes at Baldy View ROP -Being Genuine

Vertigo & Dizziness Relief

Crooked Spine Show Podcast Videos & YT Playlist 

New Patient Workshop March ’18 (LIVE)

  Using Mentor. Goal Setting @ Foothill Family Shelter

Hair Tips for Health and Beauty with Lisa

Relax the Body by Exercise and  Nutrition @Foothill Family Shelter

Women and Girls: Fighting Sexual Harassment with Jessica

Reviews and YT Playlist

Review by Edward Bess

Sleeping Better. More Energy.  Deanna’s Review (LIVE).

Back Pain Relief.  Jamie’s Review (LIVE)

“I feel no more back pain.” Giovanni, 14 y/o (LIVE).

Back Pain Gone. No Surgery. Review by David

Low Back Pain Relief.  Review by Pete (LIVE)

Leg, Knee, Back Pain Relief.  Mom tells the story (LIVE)

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I. Events

15th: “Getting up from the Floor. The Steps” & “Hip/Knee Surgery Help” Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15pm

22th: “Chiropractor help your Nerves, then Relief.”  In-office workshop.  6:30-7:15.  Handouts provided.

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Back and Leg Pain Gone. Miguel’s Review of Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

“It took me a long time to come here because I was working so much.  I did make it in, my back was so bad I could not close my car door without sharp pain down both legs.

“When I started the treatment it took about two weeks to feel the changes.  I then started the recommended stretches and walking.  Over time I was able to move better and felt stronger.

“The staff and doctors were a big help.  Now stretching/walking is part of my daily routine.  I feel better now.”


Watch others tell their story:

Related Article:

Fixing Your Back Pain. What to Expect.

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Women’s Self Defense. Jessica’s Best Advice

Full video: CSP 021 : Fight Sexual Harassment. With Jessica.

Women can be attacked anytime, any place; physically or verbally.    Over a period of weeks and months, training will help a ladies health alone will improve to minimize any anxiety caused if confronted in a situation.

Start with the confidence through physical training. Then learning the moves to defend yourself takes time.  (see the video).

Contact Power of One Martial Arts Upland for a free class.  See if Jessica and the other instructors can help improve your self dense skills.

1721 W 11th St

Upland, California 91786

 (909) 706-7389

Related Article/Video:

How Chiropractic Helps you Relax and Reduce Stress

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