Scoliosis: Parent Treatment Options

Today’s Scoliosis talk helps parents understand their options to help their child reduce and/or correct scoliosis.  Many children are first told they have this condition during a school or doctor exam before any symptoms such as pain occurs.  Here, you will hopefully reduce the anxiety of scoliosis by understanding your next step.

This is an example of advanced scoliosis:

First scoliosis can be genetic trait, passed from a mother or father to their child.  This may have been seen in a parent’s posture exam, or considered insignificant when the parent was a child.  Second, after an injury the body can compromise their posture to cause scoliosis.  Either way, let’s talk about the treatment options.

The medical approach thought process is “wait and see”.  The severity of scoliosis is measured by the degree of their curve.  They may monitor the degree progression through this chart:

In the medical approach there is no treatment before the child is braced at 25-40 degrees. It may slow down the progression, but it does NOT correct the scoliosis to a lower degree.  After 40 degrees, surgery will be recommended.  Yes, surgery will reduce the scoliosis degree, but her are the complications that lower the quality of a child’s life:

Now for the good news.  The other NON-surgical option.

The chiropractic approach looks to reduce the scoliosis degree from the start.  After an examination and x-ray analysis, treatments (chiropractic and exercise) are used to reduce the curve to as low as possible.  There is no wait and see period.  Then another x-ray is used to verify the results.

The Chiropractic exam, x-ray analysis and treatment will be discussed and link our future post.

Remember, as a parent YOU are accountable for your child’s health.

Go to our scoliosis page for other videos/posts.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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  1. Reply
    Bay Flannagan

    Patients who have scoliosis and choose chiropractic treatment should be referred to a spinal orthopaedist or neurosurgeon if their curves keep increasing. Insurance may or may not cover chiropractic treatment.

    • Reply
      Dr. Tony

      Yes. agreed.
      If a scoliosis measurement is about 25-45 degrees at certain ages, the success rate with chiropractic care drops off tremendously. Working with a surgeon can give the best chance for the child to have a normal life. The current copays and deductibles parents may need to pay a surgeon in today’s insurance coverages is high (up to $5k for some), but getting a second, third opinion is worth it when it comes to keeping your child healthy. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Reply
    Annika Larson

    My husband has scoliosis, and we are afraid that my daughter has also acquired this trait. We want to make sure she gets the treatment needed. I didn’t realize that bracing was used for 25-40 degree curvature like you showed, but that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing!

    • Reply
      Dr. Tony

      Yes. It’s frustrating when your told to wait for “treatment” instead of correcting the spine, IF there is scoliosis in your daughter. good luck and email with any further questions.

      Dr. Tony

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