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Dylan has been a patient since 6 years old.  He was diagnosed with a scoliosis from his medical doctor then. Medical treatment would include bracing, then surgery.

Dylan’s mom’s (JJ) family members had back surgery with poor results.  She did not want to go the medical path.  She understood how chiropractic could help her son now and in the future.

Here is JJ’s story how we saved Dylan from surgery:

Now Dylan is 15 years old, and scoliosis is under control.  Now the stress is playing football and lifting weights.  At being 6’3″ tall, Dylan is a giant and needs to sit a little chair at school.

His adjustments now (about weekly) keep his scoliosis at bay, and keeps his joints and body lose to stay relaxed and strong.

Along with Dylan being raised on good foods and vitamins, Dylan is way above average of being in good physical health.

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