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Crystal Therapy, Chakra Balance. Bridget Shoup | Crooked Spine Show

Bridget Shoup has helped relieve anxiety, chronic pain, drug addiction and more. Learn how her healing through crystals and chakra rebalancing can get people off medications and to a healthier state.

Connect with Bridget, and schedule a session:

Highlight (podcast times):
(2:15) How Bridget helps people.
(4:00) How do we get to a healthy state.
(5:35) Crystal therapy healing explained.
(8:45) How a healing session works.
(10:25) What are your chakras?
(16:30) Crystals work with vibration.
(20:30) Benefits of a crystal singing bowls.
(24:10) Scanning during the session.
(27:45) #1 benefits of a crystal therapy session.
(31:15) Your homework after a session.
(34:20) Benefits of different products/solutions.
(40:15) Help with better balance & habits.
(42:00) Summary of crystal therapy-wrap up.

There are many things that help people get well. Crystal healing helps you understand your body. Experiencing a session lets you experience a relaxed, healthy state and what you can work on. Then you can maintain better habits to stay in a healthier state.

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Back Exercises for Posture, Strength, Balance @Gibson Nov. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

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Exercising (stretches and strength building) have many benefits besides looking good. When you have a stronger back, you keep your spine pain-free, and can tolerate the stress of your daily life. Here are exercises lying down, sitting, standing and walking to help you.

Highlights (podcast times):
(1:45) Why build an exercise routine.
(3:15) Don’t listen to your doctor.
(4:30) Start with stretching. Low Back Roll Stretch:
(13:15) Side sleeping position to relieve back pain:
(16:25) Stretch your back on your stomach:
(29:05) Proper sitting checklist:
(33:45) Benefits of breathing exercise.
(39:45) Standing Posture checklist:
(50:45) How far should you stretch?
(51:40) Strengthen legs/back w/ Wall Squat:
(58:15) Can you change your posture?
(59:45) Chair Squat for back strength:
(1:04:15) Exercises benefit long standing/sitting.
(1:06:25) How to walk normal with a walker.

(1:09:35) Dr. Tony’s wrap. 

Performing exercises by stretching first, then strengthen will help repair a painful back. Doing exercises ROUTINELY keeps you healthy. Then you can tolerate the stress of your day/night.

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Best Shoulder Recovery Exercises

You want to rehab a shoulder injury as soon as possible. If not, it can freeze in a bad position to limit motion, cause pain, arthritis and destroy your posture.

Before starting motion with your shoulder, check your posture to make sure you exercise in a good position.  Then start with stretches first by causing enough tension without causing pain.  Then add in strength exercises with simple weights to improve strength.

Start you rehab in this order:

Posture Check:

Corner Stretch for Rounded Shoulders

Broomstick Stretch:

3 Shoulder Exercises for Shoulders

Wall Push up

These exercises will stretch, then strengthen your shoulder to keep it pain-free.  The bonus is your posture will improve to tolerate the physical and static (such as sitting or standing) stresses of your day to keep you strong and relaxed.

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CSP 039 How to Stop Bullying. Jessica and Jerry, Power of One Martials Arts in Upland. Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

How do you deal with a Bully at your work, or at a kid’s school? This interview explains the physical and emotional mindset to help stop a bully. There events throughout the year will help you and your kids from being affect by a bully.

Connect and Contact Jessica or Jeremy:
(909) 942-1783

Highlights (podcast times):
(1:40) Why there is a need for Bully Buster events.
(2:50) Communication first.
(3:45) Build confidence.
(6:25) Training to handle stress better.
(10:15) Build emotional health.
(12:15) Event to help parents know their kids.
(14:15) Who is a bully?
(15:15) Similar Street Smarts event for adults (14 y/o+).
(18:00) Why all events open to the public.
(19:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Learn the steps to understand how to deal with a bully. With kids, how they can gain confidence and self-esteem to prevent themselves or friends to being bullied. Jeremy and Jessica put on free events throughout the year, so help yourself and kids.

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“ accident and hurt my back pretty bad.” Vincent’s Story. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chirorpactor

“Dr. Tony has been working on my back since early November and I’ve been getting treatment twice a week. I was in a car accident and hurt my back pretty bad. I always feel great after my treatments and pain is gone now, just slight discomfort. Finally healed enough to start going back to the gym and he’s been pushing me to get stronger. Taylor at the front desk is super nice and is really accommodating. If you’re looking for a chiropractor, go here. You’re welcome.”

Vincent’s YELP Review



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How Motion gets you from Stressed to Relaxed and Strong @Gibson Oct. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

The human body is a great machine. But when it stops moving, it can get sick and weak.  This affects your physical and mental state.  This talk explains how this occurs, and how you can reverse it.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:45) Flight or Fight Response.

(4:50) Chiropractic adjustments gets you to a relaxed state.

(8:00) How you can relax by your P.M.A.

(10:15) How to stay relaxed.

(11:45) Relax to think better.

(12:20) The stress hormone: Cortisol.

(13:45) Get uncomfortable to relax.

(14:40) Routine, then change other habits.

(17:50) Dr. Tony’s close.

 The body has an internal system that keeps you alive.  Keep moving allows your body’s nerve, chemical, hormonal systems to stay normal. Then you can stay strong and have a positive mindset to tolerate the stressors of everyday life.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.
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Learn to Get Up from the Floor Safely. Herman’s attempts. Euclid Chiropractic patient.

Rev. Herman is my blind videographer (I know not the best choice) who scared me today.
As you can see, his move to getting up takes a little practice.

Here are the steps:
1. However you end up on the ground, get to a seated position.
2. Rest one leg on the floor and slightly bend the same knee.
3. Bring the other foot behind you, so that knee is rest on the floor.
4. Lean forward, putting both palms in front of you.
5. Bring your front leg behind you, so you end on both knees.
6. Bring your knees close to your chest.
7. In one move shift your weight from your hands to your feet and stand up.

Herman (the ballerina he is) did steps 5-7 in one move.
Not recommended!

These steps require good balance and leg strength.
Start next to steady table or chair, progress next to a wall, then in the center of the room to avoid injury.

Use this exercise to improve your leg strength and balance:
?Upland, CA

Changing Your Health from the Inside Out.

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CSP 038: Essential Oils: Which ones and Why to use for Winter Health. Vanessa #crookedspineshow

Essential oils use has continue to grow over the last 10+ years. The health benefits have been proven. In this interview learn how to use essential oils to keep you and your family healthy especially during the holidays/winter with expert Vanessa Luu.

Connect with Vanessa Luu
Contact info:
FB messenger or text (909)581-2897
Coaching website:

HIghlights (podcast times):

(2:35) Melaleuca & Oregano for sickness recovery.
(5:00) On Guard stops the start of a cold/flu.
(11:00) How diffusers work?
(11:50) Frankincense: king of oils.
(16:00) Turmeric benefits.
(18:45) Kit for allergies, relax, stay healthy.
(25:40) Oils safe for infants?
(27:50) Oils different than lotions.
(30:10) Oils different than medications.
(37:20) Car diffuser benefits.
(44:45) Are oils addictive?
(50:20) Free consulting with Vanessa.
(51:35) DoTerra oils difference.
(54:40) Healthy mindset oils.
(59:20) Women’s health oils.
(101:35) Vanessa’s wrap up.

(103:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Oils are concentrated liquids from plants that have been around for centuries. Our ancestors used them as medicine, and is the reason consumers are now using them more. DoTerra educates consumers and sells high-quality oils to get the best benefit. Consult with Vanessa for FREE to understand how essential oils can help you and your family stay healthy.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.
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Dr. Tony’s Monthly Newsletter from Euclid Chiropractic: December ’18

The doctors and staff hope you had healthy and happy holidays this last month.  Such good food and sweets.  Now let’s get back to our healthy routines with these videos.

Click the image for the full video, or YouTube playlist to see all of them. 

Short Clips playlist

  1. Sciatic Nerve Pain Explained 

  2. A Simple Back Strength Exercise 

  3. Benefit to Volunteer who are a Foster Child’s Advocate 

  4. Start a Positive Stress Routine 

  5. Fight Arthritis by Moving 

  6. Standing Straight Checklist 

Posture Exercises playlist

  1. Shrug Exercise for Shoulder, Neck Strength 

Adjustment demonstrated

  1. Best clips from our 2018 Adjustment Videos

2. Dani’s First Adjustment: “Lovely”

Testimonials/Reviews playlist

Interview playlist

Dr. Tony’s workshops (full videos) 

None this month. See past workshop by jumping right to the playlist.

Podcast playlist

I. Events

11th: “Good Positive Stress to Stay Healthy, Relaxed” Brookdale Senior Living-North Euclid. 1031 N. Euclid Ave Ontario, CA 91762. (909) 391-2622. Time: 10am.

18th: “Best Supplement to Relax, Improve Posture, Get Strong: More Motion”  Location: Gibson Senior Center.  250 N 3rd Ave, Upland, CA 91786. RSVP optional @909-981-4581. Time: 12:30-1:15pm 

25th: “Stay Healthy and Happy by Relaxing your Nerves”  In-office workshop.  6:30-7:15.  Handouts provided.

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