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CSP 007: Detox to reduce Sickness; Feel and Look Better. Interview with Alex, owner of Claremont Healing House

I have been skeptical in the past, so interviewing Claremont Healing House gave me a chance to understand why and how we should detox our bodies.  Alex knows her stuff.  I am now a client, because I understand how Claremont Healing House services can get you well.

Contact and connect with Claremont Healing House:


1258 Harvard Ave
Claremont Ca 91711

Website and Facebook  and Instagram 

Show Highlights:

♦Why we should detox (2:15).

♦New patient evaluation (4:35).

♦Services offered and why (6:05).

♦Anti and probiotics effect on your gut (9:55).

♦How to detox, juicing (11:45).

♦% of diseases from lifestyle (13:45).

How Alex reversed her arthritis (15:35).

♦Sweating, working out helps (17:25).

♦Feedback from patients explained (23:45).

♦Alex wants you to know this (25:05).

♦Dr. Tony’s wrap up (27:00).

The common American diet and medications lower your colon and intestines ability to absorb vitamins and minerals.  This will cause health conditions and prevent recovery.  The Claremont Healing House provides services such as detox foot baths and colonics along with natural herbs and nutrition to make you feel and look healthier.

Hope you enjoyed listening/watching this episode of The Crooked Spine Show.

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Our Website




Each person is at a unique state of health.

Helping Change your Health from the Inside Out. 

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909-981-5666 or

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